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Every day, as more companies open in your area the competition gets tougher. If you don’t have effective search engine optimization for your website, then your Logistics company will be left behind on the internet.


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We are a marketing agency that connects transport companies with qualified truck drivers, providing businesses with the ability to expand and succeed.

Our work steps:

  1. Studying and analyzing your company online
  2. Creating or adapting the company’s website and social networks
  3. Setting up the advertisements 
  4. Sending a list of new leads to be processed by your company on a daily basis 

We keep pace with industry updates to implement the most effective digital marketing tools and a systematic approach. With the help of professionally optimized social media profiles, creative content and our advanced lead generation system, we are able to get more owner-operators, and regional, intermodal and local truck drivers for your business!

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Take Control of the Recruitment Process Through Mobile APP and Client Dashboard! The most important element of an efficient recruitment strategy is an applicant tracking system. We provide quality leads on a daily basis. They are available on any digital device 24/7. No matter where you are, you can always keep track of your new drivers!


Lead Generation Highly Converting Personalized Social Media Ads For Your Company. Drivers apply seeing your company banner, job offer and logo. NO COLD CALLING.

VICE Seo is a digital marketing agency from Miami. Our main purpose is to help transportation businesses with 20+ trucks find qualified CDL drivers. 


A team of passionate and dedicated creative minds with deep knowledge and experience in the industry.


After conducting a detailed analysis of your company we will create or redesign an existing website. We will run your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and start custom personalized ads in order to attract potential employees. Each morning, you will receive a list of drivers, who have applied for the position. Our well-structured database website and IOS app will help you manage and hire drivers quickly.

VISE Seo will build a brand around your business, and make sure it stands out and grow.


The key ingredients to a successful and fast hiring process are providing your employees with advantageous working conditions, as well as making sure the vacancy description gives a clear idea of what to expect from working with you.

Here’s a list of criteria qualified drivers will take into consideration while reading your company’s job offer:

  1. Fleet vehicle reliability
  2. Comfortable and clean cabins 
  3. We’ll-organized fast loading system
  4. Constant dispatch support, including accessible assistance during the loading and unloading process, prompt response in case of emergency
  5. Payment options: “rate per mile”
  6. Transparency of the company (the amount of time it has been in the trucking business, access to the real cost of shipping – refers to the gross calculation system, online presence (website, social networks))


VICE Seo is fast in action. First, our team analyses your company’s structure and its needs. We make sure to build a strong long/short-term strategy that will serve you as a reliable goal orientation system. It is essential to build social trust around your company and maintain a consistent appearance on networking platforms. Therefore, we create a website and social media accounts that will be updated regularly. 

We are now ready to start running the advertisement! Setting up the ads that will target your audience without wasting your marketing budget on those who don’t match the criteria might not be an easy task. But our team knows how to handle it with the help of advanced technologies and algorithms.

So here is the answer! You will receive the first list of potential employees only 3 days after our first consultation.

Every morning at 9 AM, you will get applications from CDL drivers waiting for you to reach out. We will provide you with access to our database website and IOS app that is easy to navigate while managing and hiring candidates.

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If your trucking business constantly struggles with finding qualified drivers, we might have a solution for you.

The old-fashioned hiring method would include the usage of sources such as ZipRecruiter, Craigslist or Indeed. On these platforms, the average cost for 1 lead is 40$ (which is 13 times more than what our team offers). There is also no guarantee you would receive candidates who have the necessary qualifications and skills.

Unlike the old services, VICE Seo provides companies with the exact CDL drivers needed, with the average cost for 1 lead — only 3$. 

After 3 months of working with us, your business will have a high-quality website, social media accounts, and a list of 900 potential employees. Building your own candidate base enables you to send job offers to those who are truly interested. We recommend you do it on a regular basis since drivers constantly look for better opportunities. 

Working with us is easy and does not limit you to obligations. You are free to end the cooperation whenever you want. So do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. 

Let our team help you fill-up the trucks!

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