How to find CDL Drivers For My Trucking Company.

Hiring CDL drivers is a challenge. There simply are not enough available drivers to meet demand. Canada reports a shortage of around 25,000 truckers, while the United States is suffering from a whopping 60,000 trucker shortage. Efforts to recruit and retain truckers are underway, and the industry has implemented several changes that they hope will fill the gaps.

Why is There a Shortage?

There are several theories as to why there is such a shortage of CDL truckers. First, the trucker lifestyle does not appeal to a wide audience—truckers tend to be overwhelmingly male, white and in their 40s and 50s. Truckers are often away from home for days or weeks at a time, working under hazardous conditions in a high-stress environment. They have to live on the road, sleeping and showering in their trucks, leading mostly solitary lives. Some new truckers complain that the pay is not high enough to justify the lifestyle and many burn out after only a few years.

The trucking industry has long struggled with hiring female truckers. In an industry dominated by men, only six percent of long-haul truckers are women. This means that there is a large swath of potential truckers that the industry has not been able to reach. Finally, many minorities shy away from truck driving out of discomfort and safety concerns. There are many parts of the United States that are unsafe for minorities, and many potential truckers shy away from the profession because of this.

Finally, the average age of truckers is higher than the national average, and many truckers will be retiring in the next 10-15 years. Since the federal minimum age for a CDL is 21, many unemployed workers between 18-21 are not qualified to take on the job. By the time they become eligible, many have moved on to other professions.

So what does this mean for trucking companies? Simply put, hiring the best truckers is a challenge. The ones that are on the road and have proven track records are well-compensated by their companies and are reluctant to move into new positions with new companies. Recruiting new truckers means being able to reach truckers who are seeking new companies and offering them packages that work well for their needs.


Truckers have spoken and have started a dialogue about what makes them choose one company over another. One of the biggest concerns is lifestyle issues. Many of them simply want to be home more often. Secondly, they are concerned about their health. There are not many healthy eating options for long-haul truckers, and many of them suffer from obesity due to stress and the sedentary nature of their jobs. They ask for better health care coverage, retirement plans and paid time off.

Many company owners seek out the easiest way to recruit truckers, and want to avoid the tedious process of finding good workers. They want good leads, not cold calling, and up-to-date candidate profiles. There are a lot of sites that offer this, but many of them fail to deliver the exact candidates for the job. Many of them simply hand you an unscreened list, leaving you to do all of the cold calling yourself. This is a time-consuming strategy that is not very effective.

When you do find the truckers you want, be sure you are ready to hire them immediately. The existing truckers are heavily recruited from all over the country, so you are always in danger of losing a good candidate to your competitor. Be ready with your offer, including any benefits or sign-on bonuses when you get your list of personalized leads.

What We Do

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